A Term of Traveling

By – Karlin Andersen


If I were to do my stories over again I would try to take more time when researching and writing the pieces. Possibly due to the class being over Jan. Term and the compressed deadlines or the new skills used to write travel pieces, I did not have as much time as I would have liked to write stories. The stories could have used an additional read through or more development in a single idea instead of touching on multiple points.


Specifically, if I were to redo the story on Manito Gardens I would have spent more time researching the area around Manito Gardens and the South Hills. While the piece I wrote covers each of the gardens and the contribution John Duncan made to the park,

because it was written in January the pictures accompanying it are mostly of the greenhouse. A better and more timely piece to do would have been a piece more similar to Whitney Carter’s on what visitors can do in the area around the park. By including shops, food and places to go in the area Whitney’s piece gives readers a more complete picture of the area and activity options for all seasons.


Despite the winter weather Jan. Term is looked forward to by students all year as a time of relaxing and taking any extra moments to do fun activities. Through my reporting opportunities I was able to take advantage of the time to travel around the area and visit places I may not have if I was not writing travel stories.


Schweitzer Mountain from the Nordic trail

Schweitzer Mountain from the Nordic trail

Since hearing about cross-country skiing from a friend in high school, I had been interested in trying it along with using it as an excuse to visit the local mountain resorts. I may not have gone to Schweitzer and tried cross-country ski if I had not been writing an article on the resort and the experience. Visiting Schweitzer I was able to cross-country ski and see the mountain for the first time.  
My trip to Leavenworth allowed me to see the town in winter for the first time. Going to Leavenworth as a reporter rather than an average tourist also gave me a new perspective on the town. During previous trips I was captivated by the Bavarian architecture and the idea of an entirely German themed town in central Washington. Before I drifted aimlessly from shop to shop eyeing the trinkets and eating a variety of baked goods and fudge. This trip I was focused on observing the town and thinking about the aspects and details visitors would want to know. Due this different perspective I was able to be more critical and not just see the town as it is presented on the surface. I believe this view allowed for a possibly better written and more interesting article than the usual glowing review of the town.

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