Boise’s Treefort Music Festival Features Up and Coming Artists

Boise’s Treefort Music Festival Features Up and Coming Artists

by Mike Christie

Set for March 23-27, the Boise Treefort Music Festival features bands like Youth Lagoon, Bryan John Appleby, and Deep Sea Diver. The festival received the City of Boise’s Cultural Ambassador award in 2015 for reflecting the culture and energy of the city. It is also a big proponent in showing off what the city of Boise has to offer, with highlights focusing on local bands, brews, and more.

Treefort plays host to far more than simply music. They bracket each events into different categories they refer to as “forts.” There is a “Filmfort,” a “Storyfort” featuring poets and writers, “Foodfort” highlighting local restaurants, “Hackfort” which hosts Ted Talk-like discussions about the intersection of technology with education and art, and more. If attending, you’ll want to check the age requirement first, as many Treefort events are geared toward a 21 and over crowd.

Treefort does offer a youth friendly option called “Kidfort,” which hosts events like creative classes, performances, and other experiences for children and their families.

To learn more about this Boise cultural event, click here.

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