Diverse Ecosystem Promises Noteworthy Wildlife Viewing

Diverse Ecosystem Promises Noteworthy Wildlife Viewing

by Korey Hope


The Inland Northwest is home to a plethora of rare wildlife species, thanks to its diverse ecosystem. Some of these species will be returning from their southern winters in the coming months, making for another widely-anticipated spectacle in 2016.

One reason why the Inland Northwest has so much to offer stems from its geological roots. Since the land was first settled by colonists back in the 19th century, and even before that when the land belonged to Native Americans, the Northwest has provided plentiful natural beauty as well as widespread opportunity.

Its mountain range, the Cascades, stands as a barrier between the densely-populated west side of the state and the sparsely-populated plains and rivers of the east side. These mountains help regulate a consistent mixture of rainfall and sunshine in the region, which has allowed wildlife of both environments to thrive. Plus, the variations in elevation provided by the mountains, hills, and plains open up even more opportunity for wildlife, while abundant rivers and lakes do the same.

The Walla Walla Valley is fortunate enough to sit in the heart of this ecosystem. At these links you will find insider tips for viewing wildlife in the Walla Walla Valley, popular bird trails in the area to choose from, and information about a local wildlife refuge open for visitation.

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