My whirlwind travel journalism Janterm


The road to Palouse falls.

Whitney Carter

This class has been filled with opportunities to try new things and to challenge myself. I think the most satisfying aspect of this class was getting the opportunity to go on some adventures and to do some exploring of the area that I have lived in for three and a half years. Additionally, I appreciated the opportunity to try my hand at a different style of journalism than I have been used to. Getting the chance to use a more descriptive voice took some adjusting to get uses to, but was also fun to be able to try when writing stories for this class.

The most challenging aspect of this class was time. I appreciated being able to go out and actual attempt travel journalism, but jt was challenging to be able to try and find time to do all of these things during the limited time that Janterm offers. It would have been interesting to take this class over the course of a semester instead of during Janterm because I could easily see how any of my stories could gave improved with more time to do research and conduct more interviews. Having limited time also meant that I did not get to pursue all lf the stories that I was initially interested in pursuing.

If I were going to do one of my stories over, I think it would be the last one that I wrote for this class. The story was about snowshoeing, specifically what beginners need to know when they are planning where and when they would like to go snowshoeing. I looked at it from a novice perspective and found ten tips. I found that it was a great opportunity to learn more about something that I had no previous experience with. Additionally, I was able to talk to some experts and do a couple of really cool interviews where I learned a lot of interesting information. In the end, I was pleased with the way the story turned out, but I did not actually go snowshoeing. Both time and the weather in Spokane got away from me and I missed my chance to have that experience. While I still think it was valuable to talk to people who have more expert information than I do, it would have been cool to provide my own personal experience as well.

One of the coolest things that I got the chance to do because of this class was to visit Palouse Falls. I had always wanted to go there, but I had never taken the time to make the trip over. It was incredible. The drive was fun and interesting and the whole experience was absolutely worth the drive. It pretty much inspired me to go on more hikes and to explore this area, especially since there is so much to explore.

I think the most important thing I would tell people that are interested in pursuing travel journalism is to just go. It is so important to have these experiences and to be able to describe them, even if you are the only one reading your writing right now. I thought my hometown was boring, but being able to write about it for this class made me see it in a new light. You don’t have to travel for to do travel journalism. This class helped me to develop my description skills and gave me a greater vocabulary and awareness if how to see and understand a place as all as how to communicate my thoughts to an audience.

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