Walla Walla Wine Country, USA

Walla Walla Wine Country, USA

by Korey Hope


The west coast of the United States is dominant in the wine industry; the trio of California, Oregon, and Washington have more wineries than the rest of the U.S. combined. As for Washington, the Walla Walla Valley is the epitome of its wine country. The southeastern part of the state offers a climate with crucial sunshine for a majority of the year along with sufficient (but not too severe) rainfall. This creates near-perfect conditions for the Walla Walla Valley wineries, in terms of both production and visitation. With over 100 wineries in the region, you have plenty to pick from.

It should be emphasized, though, no state can match the numbers of California. According to Statista.com’s winery information, the Golden State is closing in on 4,000 wineries state-wide. It accounts for roughly 90 percent of wine production in the U.S., and it’s the fourth biggest wine producer in the world (if it were considered its own country). However, per capita, California and Washington are relatively equal. And actually, it’s Oregon that has the most wineries per capita, about twice that of both California and Washington.

So make plans to come see Wine Country, USA! Plus, from Walla Walla, the first case of wine you take home can fly for free!

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