West Seattle: The Town Within A City


By: Jessica Grubbs


Walking along the boardwalk feeling the salty breeze from the Puget Sound hit my face is a favorite pastime of mine.  Alki Beach is a historic destination in West Seattle that offers a variety of things to do.  The breathtaking views of downtown Seattle and the mountains are not the only things to enjoy here.  Walks along the beach, biking, kayaking, shopping, putting your toes in the white sand, and many places to eat.  Seattle is known for being the “rainy city,” but Alki Beach brings a different perspective to the gloomy city.


There are numerous places to explore on Alki Beach, you can spend a day or two experiencing it.  It is a prime real estate location for Seattle with million dollar homes along the waterfront.  West Seattle seems to be like its own separate entity from the rest of Seattle.  It is connected to the rest of Seattle by the West Seattle .  This bridge has the option to take you into three different parts of West Seattle.  Being at the end of Alki Beach is one of the options.


The local West Seattleites of conducted a list of enjoyable places to visit.


Salty’s on Alki Beach:

If you are looking for a luxurious brunch or dinner, then Salty’s on Alki is the perfect place.  Most well-known for the prime location on the West Seattle waterfront to get the experience of the Seattle skyline view.  When you walk into this restaurant, you are greeted by friendly lobster and crab swimming around in big tanks.  Salty’s uses these little critters to make fresh seafood dishes.


SPUD Fish and Chips:

Some of the best fish and chips are located here at SPUD’s.  Known for being a West Seattle favorite by the locals.  The perfect place to enjoy your mouthwatering fish and chips at the restaurant, or to take across the street to the sandy beach or picnic table.


Wheel Fun Rentals:

If you would like to enjoy riding your own bicycle or branch out and try something different, then Wheel Fun Rentals has a variety of options at competitive prices to rent.  They have options such as surrey, chopper, quad sport, tandems, cruisers, kid bikes, and more.  If you need to add some variety along the 2.5 mile stretch of boardwalk and beach, you can ride along it.  Grab a group of friends or drag your family to come, because it so worth it to enjoy the cool breeze on your face as your hair blows in the wind on a fun bike.  Make sure everyone can reach the pedals on the surrey cruisers, or else you might be in for one heck of workout.



The best way to spend a warm summer day is to grab your beach chair and head to Alki Beach.  Why is Alki always buzzing with people on warm sunny days?  Is it the view and various activities?  Or is it also the fact you get put your toes into some sand in Seattle?  The perfect place to camp yourself out at for the day of relaxation, sun, water, and Seattle culture.


Seattle Water Taxi:

Lately, Seattle has been innovative with creating new forms of transportation.  A common way of transportation around the city and surrounding suburbs is the King County Metro Bus.  Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has created a 10 year plan called MOVE SEATTLE, which features funding for projects and ideas for Seattle public transportation.  Another form of public transportation that can take you to and from West Seattle is the Seattle Water Taxi.  The ride is approximately 15 minutes long.  It can take you from Pier 50 in downtown Seattle to Alki Beach in West Seattle.  It also can take you vice versa.



Have you ever wondered how Seattle came to be?  Did you assume settlers moved west from the east on a horse and buggy to discover Seattle?  Actually, the first white settlers landed by boat in November 1851.  These were the first settlers to set foot on the land of Seattle.  We got the name Seattle from the Native American Chief Seattle who first saw the settlers landing their boats on shore of Alki Beach.  Attractions were built by the Seattleites such as a Ferris wheel, a bathhouse, and more.  This was known as Luna Park in 1907.  Although some of these attractions do not exist anymore, some still stand.  The Alki Bathhouse still stands as a historic landmark in West Seattle.  The building is still used to this day as its purpose.


Alki Beach is an escape from the fast-paced city life of Seattle.  It’s an enjoyable place to do a variety of activities, grab lunch, or get a cup of coffee in our own backyard.  It is a hopping location during the summer for locals and travelers to enjoy the beauty of Seattle and the great Pacific Northwest.



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